Doing Your Own Nightingale Live Broadcast

[updated 11 05 2016]

Thanks to Grant Smith from SoundCamp and Locus Sonus for the gist of this advice:

You can use a mobile phone to set up a streaming (ie direct live internet) broadcast of whatever the phone mic picks up.  Obviously this means you need a phone signal where you are broadcasting from.

The best streaming app is the free Locuscast for iPhone or Android – details and download here First open an account at Locus Sonus and your microphone will appear on the soundmap here

[When my mic is live it is called ‘nightingaler’ and appears on the map at . After it’s closed down it still appears for a bit but greyed out.  Live mics are orange and have a click-on menu with ‘stop’ ‘start’ play symbols like a video or sound recording.  Seems to work best on larger screens.  An alternative is to try and connect directly with my stream at – if it’s live it should work, if it’s not, you see a ‘404’ message].

You should get better results with an external mic but it is not essential.

You can use this adpator to bring sound into iOS or Android phones You can direct plug mics such as the excellent ones from Felmicamps here


This setup will give you a mono signal. With an iPhone 6 you can stream in stereo. This requires an adaptor such as the ones here


I bought a cheap android phone specifically for this purpose and it works well with the above microphones (remember to buy a wind baffle or use an old sock or material from a pair of tights):|prd%3A1546795&storeId=10151&

Soundcamp May 1 ‘dawn chorus’ event:

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[If you have wifi and or power on site eg in your garden a more sophisticated approach is to use a raspberry pi or other equipment so you can leave it on all the time if you like – see the Locus sound website]

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