Amazing video of Ziazan (see also Songs page) singing with a Nightingale.  She sings and the bird sings back.

Here are more some videos of Nightingales singing.  If you upload yours to Youtube or Vimeo and send us the link with a brief description, we can add it here.

Why does this help ? Because so few people now know what a Nightingale looks or sounds like !  Even if it’s ‘just atmospheric’ or a bit wobbly that does not matter: we still like it.  Thanks

May 25th 2015 Dorset

Surya Osborne

Fingringhoe Wick Eden Channel/Jack Snipe Films

Lovely short from one of England’s best Nightingale locations

The Dawn and The Nightingale recorded in Northants.  Nick A Penny says:

At dawn on May 4th I went to the edge of the forest above Southwick. An invisible nightingale was singing deep in some scrub, so I set my audio gear to record him and went off to video scenes nearby, both inside the wood and looking out across the valley towards the village.

Campaign video from Romania … see

“shaky video taken yesterday morning at Friday Wood just South of Colchester in Essex” Andy Field, West Mersea, Essex.  30 April 2015:

Nightingale at Paxton Pits, video by Paul Bunyard:

One from the web uploaded to Youtube back in 2008 by Gerry Gutteridge who wrote:

This is a Nightingale singing in a very old wood in the heart of the UK. Recorded Monday 3rd May 2007. The quality is not brilliant as it was recorded on a compact camera… but hey… enjoy the moment.
It is the Male that arrives in the UK before the Female, and sings beautifully to demonstrate his occupancy of his patch of potential nesting ground.
The Nightingale is the last bird left singing in the evening after all the other birds have gone to roost. It is an increasingly rare sound nowadays……It always warms the heart when he returns each successive year… I am always pleased when he has made another successful journey back to the UK….Enjoy… :o)

‘Moonlit Melody’ see Knebb Nightingale Safaris

Soundclip from Simon Raper

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