This website was created by Chris Rose with help from Rick Le Coyte.  With Phil Rothwell we are trying to run a campaign to establish ‘Nightingale Nights’ as an annual moment of national celebration of the bird, the Nightingale.  This year Nightingale Nights run May 2 – May 9.

We want to encourage more people to hear a real live Nightingale singing, whether through the medium of radio, online or outdoors.  We hope that this will help raise awareness of the plight of this fast vanishing magical songster, and so aid it’s conservation.

Please sign the petition asking the BBC to broadcast Nightingales live this spring.

You can also:

* go out and listen for a Nightingale

* ask your local radio station to join you on a trip to hear and broadcast Nightingales (you may also want to contact your local conservation group eg Wildlife Trust, RSPB or National Trust)

* persuade some musical or signing friends to try (sensitively) making human music at the same time (this has a long tradition and sometimes the birds respond but don’t get too close – stay on a path and if you are on private property get the permission of a landowner – best of all involve your local conservation group)

* support those campaigning against destruction of the remaining homes of the Nightingale

* make your own a recording of a Nightingale (a mobile phone will do) and post it to our Sound Cloud stream

This project is voluntary and has no funding. Please bear with us as we try to add more content.

Thanks also to Abbie Panks, Ziazan Horrocks-Hopayian, 38Degrees, Ieuan Evans at the BTO and Andre Farrar at the RSPB.

Contact: chris@campaignstrategy.co.uk

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