Tell the Press

Here’s a great way to make  real difference and help Nightingales.  Please tell your local newspaper and radio station about the campaign !

The best way is to write in your own words but you may like to download and attach this Press Release, which can also give you ideas.  Nightingale Campaign Press Release 1v1

(see also below)

Phoning them is even better.  The main things we are asking people to do are:

sign the petition to the BBC – tell them why you think this is important (short link:

tell us if there are places you know of where Nightingales can be heard (or used to be), and any place names (lanes, pubs etc – send a photo if possible)

– go out and listen to Nightingales (see Find Them) and if possible send us a recording (eg using a mobile phone) or better, upload directly to SoundCloud here

– if possible play music or sing with the Nightingale

– ask your local radio to help by doing a LIVE Nightingale broadcast (don’t forget to let us know in advance so more people can hear it !)

You can use the 38Degrees Action Hub to email your local newspaper

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Prel 1 2

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