Reasons People Give For Signing the Petition

Visit the 38 Degrees Nightingale petition website to see all the interesting and often moving comments that people have posted as to why the support the petition for the BBC to re-start the annual May live Nightingale broadcasts.  (If you’ve not yet signed, do sign and you can add your own).   Here are some of them:

“Hearing a nightingale is one of life’s magical moments”. Alison R

“If the last nightingale sings its last song, we are all in serious trouble…” Cat D


“The song of the nightingale is amazing and shouldn’t be lost. Let’s give everyone the chance to hear it” James R

“I’ve never heard the nightingale!” Anne L

“I heard the last nightingale sing itself to extinction in my old home patch – For four years it came, each time, perfecting its singing voice further as it tried to sing down a mate. The pathos of its carrying power, depth and range of notes was breath taking and heartbreakingly beautiful. Every nightingale I’ve heard since (fewer each year) could not hold a candle to this torch singer.” Nicola C

“This is a great opportunity to highlight the plight of these fabulous birds”. Chris M

“It is years since I last had the privilege to hear Nightingales sing. This would be a wonderful thing in its own right for the BBC to broadcast but it would also help raise awareness of the species plight and help save it as a British species”.   Jonathan W

“Would be tragic if this beautiful bird disappeared from our country” Hetty L

“This is a song never to be lost” Julian P

“A beautiful sound that we need to hear” Felicity B

“To hear a nightingale sing at night on a still May evening in the moonlight is just magical – there simply is nothing better in the natural world in my opinion. To learn that nightingales are heading to extinction in England is truly shocking. Let’s do everything we can to support this campaign and keep those magical nightingales nights in May alive”. Tim B

“it’s been years since I heard a Nightingale sing!” Giorgio M

“Another member from our natural world, sadly on the decline, there are so many in this sorry situation. Nightingales, as the rest, need to be protected. So, if in the natural world, they are not heard as they once were, the BBC broadcasting its song would be a chance for so many to hear its song”.   Jason S

“Because it is a truly life enhancing experience to hear. A wonderment !!”   Norman C

“I’ve never heard a Nightingale sing and I’m sure loads of others haven’t either; so give us a chance, BBC, before it’s too late!!” Claire B

“To have experienced at first hand the magical song of a nightingale is to have tasted some of the richest and most powerful and uplifting sensations of the world……” Rachel H

“I signed because this little bird needs all the help it can get to avoid extinction”. David W



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